JCTSL is looking forward to a bright future with the aim of developing and modernizing the basic infrastructure needed for the improvement of transport services on a large scale. In order to provide the people of the city a reliable, safe and efficient way of transportation at a cheap cost, the city administration decided to launch more and more services for the welfare of citizens.



Comfortable & efficient public Transport is now the need of every big city that are in queue to become a metropolitan city. Jabalpur is a fast growing city in areas like Industrialization, Tourism & Education etc. but the most important feature missing here was efficient public Transport Service. With the aim to provide the people of the city reliable, safe & efficient mode of transportation at an affordable price the city administration decided to launch “ Jabalpur City Transport Services Limited “ a company incorporated under the companies act 1956. Jabalpur city transport services limited has been designed to operate & manage the public transport system in a private – public partnership model to benefit the company, operators, government & General public at large. The company is looking ahead for a bright future aiming at developing and modernizing infrastructure needed for the betterment of the mass transport services.

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This system private parties were asked to procure the busses and operate under the banner of JCTSL on a revenue sharing model in which the sources of revenue for the Bus operators are the daily fare collection (100%), revenue generated through advertising on Buses(60%), & Bus Passes (75%) which are on tri monthly, monthly, weekly basis. Other than this the Bus operator is supposed to a pay fixed premium per Bus per month. The fare structure is being regulated by the company looking in to the economy of the system, operating costs etc. For issuing daily passenger tickets “Fully computerized Electronic Ticketing Machines “have been procured . For issuing bus passes different colored hologram based credit case size passes with photo identity have been introduced and a vendor has been selected by the company for making these passes. A fixed commission is being paid by the company to this vendor. This commission amount is deducted from the total pass revenue before it is divided between the company & bus operator. The vehicles are being fitted with on line vehicle tracking system (OLVTS) and the bus stops are being equipped with the Passenger information system (PIS). On one hand OLVTS will help the company and the operator in tracking the buses in terms of ensuring full route coverage in the given time frame, control on the speed and adherence to time schedules etc and on the other hand PIS will help the passengers in informing the expected time of arrival (ETA) of each bus on a particular bus stop. As this PIS is fully synchronized with the OLVTS it will automatically change the ETA based on the current speed of the bus, halt at a particular bus stop etc. The entire operation of running the metro bus will be monitored from a command & control center and the entire operation will be "WEB ENABLED".


  • To create specialized and effective regulatory agency of monitor cost effective and better public transport services within the city of Jabalpur with private partnership.
  • To establish and maintain line of passenger coaches to transport passengers.
  • To develop support system for improving transport infrastructure

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