This list includes details of company operators and availability of Large buses and Mini buses. Customer safety is the main concern of JCTSL services, so we provide details of operator name and their contact number so that any route or operator can be detected in the event of an emergency.


S.NO Bus Operator's Name Contact Number Big Bus(44 Seater) Mini Bus (28 Seater)
1 M/s Shri Sadguru Transport Service
AGA Chowk Bus Depot, Jabalpur
9300070170 15 34
2 M/s Maa Narmada Transport Service
AGA Chowk Bus Depot, Jabalpur
094 24 399959 35 13
3 M/s Jay Hanuman Transport
AGA Chowk Bus Depot, Jabalpur
07389831273 - 7
Total 50 54

S.NO Advertising Agency Address Contact Number
1 M/s S.S. Advertising, Jabalpur Gole Bazar, Jablapur 09893055032
2 M/s S.S. Communication, Jabalpur, Jabalpur Civic Centre, Jablapur 09981077777
3 M/s Sagardeep Advertising, Jabalpur Naudra Bridge, Jablapur 09770740116

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