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JCTSL introduces E-Rickshaw Charging Facility.

Jabalpur JCTSL introduces E-Rickshaw Charging Facility to add ease to customer convince. To streamline the stopping of e-rickshaws in the city and maintain a strategic distance from blockage on streets, the Jabalpur City Transport Limited has chosen to set up charging focuses for the E-Rickshaws at selected areas in the city.

The JCTSL has finalized various spots where the facility would be produced by one month from now end. The e-rickshaw drivers would have the capacity to charge their vehicles at reasonable costs amid night.

The area incorporate the Deen DayalBus Stand (ISBT)  , Damohnaka near RainBasera , Gokalpur and Vehicle turning near Samudayik bhawan and many more places.

'A large portion of the parking garages stayed empty amid the night. In this way, we have chosen to name a temporary worker who will introduce the charging focuses at the chose parking garages, gather a nominal Cost from e-rickshaws and enable them to charge their vehicles

JCTSL is planning to expand e charging rickshaw in and across the city but setting up of all the more charging stations isn't an issue. You can begin preparing even in a half year and set up gigantic number of charging stations in a year. It's not just charging of vehicle. The test is you have to tie up that much amount of power. Just to give an illustration, a quick charging vehicle would require 8-20 kilowatt (kW) of energy, while a slower one would require 2-3 Kw. Presently say if a quick charging vehicle requires 10 kW of energy and 500 vehicles should be charged, you need 5 megawatt (MW) of energy. 

We have to tie up transformers and electric hardware to supply this much power at one station. Likewise, if there is a transport terminal, a common transport would require 100 kW of association and if 100 transports should be charged, you would require 10 MW of energy.

We are picking areas which are near inward/arterial streets and a long way from the main extends in city. The thought is to keep away from jam on the main road. We have likewise considered the demand for charging facility. 

The following are the details of Cost which are very affordable-

1-     For 2 hour Charging Facility-Cost Rupees 10 Only

2-     For 4 hour Charging Facility-Cost Rupees 20 only

3-     For 6 hour Charging Facility-Cost rupees 30 only

For More Details Contact –8085922322, 9425413007, 7987363706


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